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Written / Produced by: Eric Lockley

Directed / Produced by: Jonathan McCrory

Featuring: Noel Joseph Allain*, Brittany Bellizeare, Charles Browning*, Toccarra Cash*, Chris Davis, Christian Felix*, Scott Kerns*, Rebecca Nyahay, Keona Welch*, &  John Austin Wiggins*​

Lead Producer: Liberation Theatre Company

Producers: National Black Touring Circuit, SOUL PROductions, Ezra Ezzard, Eric Lockley, Jonathan McCrory & Bernard J. Tarver

​Dramaturge: Sandra A. Daley-Sharif

Production Stage Manager:​ Zoe Hoarty
Set Designer: Harlan Penn
Costume Designer: Jerry L . Johnson
Lighting Designer: Marika Kent

Sound Designer: Samuel Nacach

Performance History:​
2012 - Harlem School Of The Arts


Blacken the Bubble is an affirmative action comedy set in a "post racial" America. Mega-company Firm Glass is in danger of losing government contracts due to the lack of diversity in their workplace. When they hire Trevor Washington, an African-American, they think their diversity issue is solved. However, when Mr. Washington fails to fill in his race on his paperwork, the office takes desperate measures to convince Trevor to blacken the "correct" bubble. As political correctness flies out the window, everyone—black, white, straight, gay—discovers “inclusion” might be a lot more than they bargained for.

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