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41 Interviews + 2008 Elections = Hope Speaks

Directed & Conceived by: Jonathan McCrory

Devised by: Chanel Carroll, Cherrye Davis, Eric Lockley, Jonathan McCrory, Kimberly Young, & Kisa Willis

Poster Designer: Elizabeth Rossi

Performance History:
2011 - National Black Theater Festival

2011 - La MaMa E.T.C.

2010 - Baltimore Museum Of Art

[Presented by: E Please]
2010 - Duke Ellington School of the Arts

2010 - NYU TISCH: Fredrick Loewe Theatre
[Presented by: ETW]

2010 -  DC Black Theatre Festival

2010 - Harlem School of the Arts

HOPE SPEAKS is an empowering, thought provoking, and dynamic devised storytelling piece that explores the historic 2008 Election of President Barack Obama. Crafted out of the election's grassroots momentum the ensemble, lead by Jonathan McCrory, uses surveying techniques found in documentary theater to mold a story that explores the complexities of the American Dream. Inspired by Anna Deavere Smith's life's work six actors examine and re-live experiences collected from 40 individuals. Left with a wide array of perspectives and thoughts surrounding  November 4, 2008 this show causes the soul and mind to reawaken to the forgotten essence of HOPE. Join the conversation and let Hope Speaks take you back to experience the trans-formative power of the human spirit.


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