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Hope Speaks is your story America, capturing the voices of so many at one of the proudest moments of our country. Hope Speaks is an experience that makes you think and remember. It is a call to action for us to reflect and continually fight for the American  promise.  On November 4th, 2008 - Election Day - America and the World got a glimpse of that promise, transcribed on paper in the Declaration of Independence, transition from an idea to something tangible.

So please join in the conversation as we share with you an open dialogue that combines the breathtaking mural [30x10] painted by Elizabeth Rossi, original work created by this talented innovative cast, and the personal, and inspirational and very passionate narratives shared by 37 interviewees.
Still in development this play is nowhere near finished. It needs the collective narratives of so many individuals: for a memory can only last if it is shared, if it is stored. My ultimate plan for the show is to continue what we are doing now, traveling. I want to take the show to all 50 states, gathering stories and truly capturing the American voice.

This show is dedicated to the unwavering power of hope. By having the courage to remake the world as it should be, no matter what ills impact us, with hope and our ability to listen to it, progressive change will happen. 

                                  ~ Jonathan McCrory


Awam Amkpa
Kaili Beverly
Sandra Bowie
Mary Schmidt Campbell
Shenell Campbell
Robin Carroll-El
Adair Curtis
André De Shields
Josh & April Elder
Rebecca Keren Elserstadt
Chivonne Floyd
Darlene Godwin

Ebony Golden
John Horn
Michael Horn
Jade Jackson
Berta Lorenzo
Anthony McCarthy

Amy McKenna
Wayétu Moore
Mariann Quinn-Makwaia
Louise Rogers
Joe Salvatore
Josh Segarra

Tina Shepard
Jermaine Small
Connie Stokes-Carter
Carl Stokes
Daren Taylor
Traci Thomas
Bob Vorlicky
Lakeesha Walrond
Michael A. Walrond Jr.
Rhoda Washington
Joshua Xavier
Two Anonymous

People We Interviewed:

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